Prayers: A Little Book Volume One


Announcing the release


Prayers: A Little Book Volume One

by author   V. L. Murray

available on

in paperback and Kindle formats.

“Artwork by Zara Gamage”


A little book of prayers,

To strengthen the heart—

And soothe the troubled soul.


January 29, 2015 

My Dear Friend,

      Since the dawn of time, Mankind has sought to connect with the Divine. While there are many ways to achieve that end, prayer is one of the most powerful methods.

      Personal heartfelt prayer, as conversation with God, is extremely potent.

      The prayers found within this little collection come straight from my heart, and contain words of praise and thanksgiving, as well as specifically directed requests.

      It is my hope you will find them both comforting and soothing to your soul, as well as a powerful addition to your daily spiritual practice.

May the Lord bless you and keep you,


From the Book:  

(4) Prayer for The Day Jan. 26, 2011 

Father in Heaven, Lord of All,

You who have created everything,

Even me, your smallest servant,

One who struggles daily to follow your commandments.

Give me this day my daily portion.

Give me strength to hold my tongue,

And the wisdom to know how and when

To release it.


Remind me of my own transgressions

So that Compassion and Grace

May always walk with me.

Let me be an example of Your Love

Every moment of this day.

When darkness tries to creep within,

Arm me with Your Holy Spirit

That I may win the battle

Before it is even begun.


Comfort my heart

If sorrow should cross my path,

And let me comfort others as would You,

If sorrow or despair

Comes to them.


Let me walk in the joy of Your Saving Grace,

And return victorious to Your stronghold

At the end of this day.

I ask this as one of Your loving children,

In the name of Your Son Jesus Christ.

Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord.




(9) Prayer for Bereavement Feb. 21, 2011 

Light of Heaven, Healer of broken hearts,

You who are the wind. You who are the sun.

You who wash the earth with the rains of spring,

Cleanse my heart of sorrow and dry my tears.


Let Your breath be like a cushion beneath my tired and fragile form.

Let the arms of Your Holy Spirit guide me through this day.

Let Your Words comfort my soul

As it tosses and groans in mourning.


I hear Your Voice speak to me,

And Your Vision is set before me.

“They are at play in the Fields of the Lord.

Do not sorrow. Do not despair.

For they give no more thought to the body.  Neither should you.”


Let Your Vision of joy and happiness replace my memory

And fill my heart as it awakens to Your Grace.

Father, keep this Light before my eyes, so that I may know

Its lasting comfort.


I hear Your words.

“They are but a whisper away.”

Let my heart be filled with Your Peace.

Let me surround my soul

With Your comfort, all the days of my life

Until I, too, am at play in the Fields of Heaven.

Thank You, Lord.  Thank You, Lord.  Thank You, Lord.



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