Lenten Contemplations: Day Six

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Servant of the Servant

Two words in the human language which can either make or break you are sympathy and empathy. Sympathy means to offer caring and feelings of compassion for another who is going through something difficult. Empathy means to actually understand what that person is feeling and to be able to put yourself in their shoes and feel with them, not just for them.

It is a great gift to be able to empathize with another being, both human and non-human. As our lives unfold on the earth, we are called upon daily to make decisions which affect others. If we can empathize with the receivers of our decisions, we can make the best choices possible. But things sometimes get in the way.

Lent is about sacrifice and giving up, just as Jesus gave up his physical life for us so that we could receive the gift of eternal salvation, and life in a heavenly realm filled with peace and love. In order for us to achieve that goal, we must climb over our own ego, our own desire for recognition and reward, in order to save our neighbour and those around us.

Ego is a dangerous thing. Many religions preach that the way to heaven is to be the ‘servant of the servant’. In other words, to care for the person who is caring for those in need. Or to care for those who are offering salvation to others.

Just for today, stop and take a look at your life. What are you doing for those who are walking the path of Jesus? Who around you is following a spiritual life who needs support and assistance? Are you doing something to help them? Or are you following that path yourself? If so, and someone is being kind and supportive of you, when was the last time you expressed your gratitude to them?

Release your ego to the wind. Release your desire for recognition. Put your ego aside and offer assistance to those who care for others. Give of yourself. Be the servant of the servant.

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Lenten Contemplations Day Five

Day Five

Giving Up Sorrow

Life in all of its mystery sometimes overflows with more emotion than one can bear. If the television on your wall is alive and speaking to you everyday, you will eventually become overwhelmed with sorrow.

Sorrow can be such an exhausting emotion. Everyday something occurs to make us sad. It can be directly affecting us or simply indirectly causing us pain. We live in a world of constant bombardment. It’s like gunfire coming at us daily from our wall. There comes a point when it becomes completely overwhelming and needs to stop or we will be unable to function.

Jesus came to this earth to take away our sins and offer us something very powerful—eternal life in a heavenly home. There we will be able to see our friends and loved ones and reach beyond tomorrow. If we spend our days in sorrow here, whether for personal loss or despair of the world, we will be unable to achieve our spiritual goals here.

How can you nurture another if you are always filled with sorrow? How can you give love and happiness to another, if you are filled with despair and pain. To progress on your spiritual journey sorrow must be transformed into joy no matter what the cause. For joy fills the hungry heart and soothes the tortured soul. Joy will transform you into your healthy self.

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Lenten Contemplations Four

Day Four

Where was God in Your Life Today?

Where was God today in your life? Where did Jesus trickle in? Did you see His face in the mirror today? Did you see His face in your friend’s?

Did you open your heart enough to let him shine through? Were you so caught up in yourself that you missed the opportunity? Did He find a door to open into your world? Or was it barred and locked tightly?

Did you offer Him a home somewhere? Did you notice anywhere He was needed? Did you give Him a chance to speak through you today? Or were you sidetracked by life and lost in clutter?

What do you remember about today? Do you remember anyone who needed God to love them? Do you remember any opportunities to offer the heart of Jesus to another? Was there an animal who needed help or care? Where was Jesus in your life today?

Take the time to ponder your day. Go over minute by minute and contemplate the opportunities which might have been missed; opportunities which would have offered another being some help or love or kindness.

Take the time to contemplate tomorrow. Do you have your agenda set? Will you be going to God’s house? Will you open your heart and look for opportunities there? Or will you sit and just listen and keep it all to yourself?

We all have days when we wish we could just be left alone. Everyone does. But sometimes God needs us to be an angel to another. Sometimes God needs us to let Jesus shine through our hearts. So we must be diligent to keep our radar turned on and notice what is happening around us.

Don’t close your eyes to the needs of others. Notice everyone near you. Notice every living thing. Someone may be calling to you, out loud. Someone may be calling to you, in silence. It is up to you to notice.

Listen for their voice. Listen for the voice of God speaking to you in your heart. Listen for instruction. Listen to help.

Plan to let God into your life, tomorrow.

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Lenten Contemplations 3: Reach For the Love

Day 3
Reach for the Love

More than anything else in the world, most people desire to be loved. Even untrained children want to be nurtured and will reach instinctively for their mother to comfort and hold them. As adults we often grow away from understanding that we still need to be loved and comforted. We sometimes act like nothing in the world matters and we are able to stand on our own two feet, alone without family and friends.

It’s important as we grow up, to realize we are also growing toward something. It would be very odd indeed, if we simply became less intelligent as we aged. That would make no sense. It’s a wonder then, why many individuals do not seek to understand why we are here, why we are changing and seemingly growing toward something, and what that something may be.

Lent is a time of contemplation on all of those things. As we give up that which makes us less pure of spirit, we move toward that which is eternal. We grow toward the Godhead, the parents of Jesus. The Bible tells us Mankind was made in the image of God, both male and female, and so we know that there are two parents involved in the creation of the Son. There is a God and there is a Goddess. God’s Creation houses both material planetary systems and spiritual heavenly systems, and someday, we may see them all. But for now, we must purify ourselves and prepare for the gift of the Saviour of the world. We must offer our respect and gratitude for His gift, a deeply amazing benefit which most people would never ever be able to repay.

Jesus does not ask us to repay it, He only asks us to try. So Lent is our attempt at returning His love for us. It is our opportunity to give back to Him by honouring His sacrifice with some of our own.

Today, contemplate what life might be like if Jesus had never come. What would we do then? How would we get out of the messes we often create in our everyday lives? How would we ever make it to the celestial domain? Would any of us ever make it to Heaven and see any of our loved ones again? What would it be like? Would we still be functioning under the old ways of Judaism, sacrificing the precious lives of innocent animals everyday? Creating rivers of blood flowing from our temples just to save our own souls? How would our world be different?

There appears to be so much hell on the earth that perhaps you may think nothing would be different, but Jesus did come and He did offer His own life as a trade for that of each and every one of us. He gave us our soul back, unfettered and completely loved. So now is the time to contemplate the journey to Heaven and the love that awaits us there, each and every day.
It is time to reach out our arms to our Divine parents and receive their unconditional love. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever should believe on Him would have everlasting life.

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Lenten Contemplations #2

Day 2


Doing the Right Thing

How do we know what is right, these days? We live in a so-called modern world where everything moves so quickly. We are expected to make rapid-fire decisions concerning our lives and the lives of our families, often with little or no preparation. How do we know what is right, when the pressure is on?

The Ten Commandments may be old but they are just as applicable today as they were a few thousand years ago. They outline a list of so-called wrongs. Don’t do this, don’t do that. Don’t kill. Don’t covet. Don’t steal. Don’t commit adultery. They also include some positive things. Take care of your parents. And take a day of rest. There is no need to work 24/7. Everyone needs time off to contemplate spiritual and meaningful things. Time to rebalance and reconnect with the things which are important in our lives. Time to go to Church and tell God how much you love Him and are grateful to Him for creating Us.

Jesus broke it down into even smaller segments. Love God with your whole being and love your neighbour as yourself. So just like yesterday, we see in Jesus’ words positive approaches to life.

If you are loving your neighbour, treating him and his family with kindness and compassion, you won’t want to steal his stuff or seduce his wife or try to kill him or anyone in his family. You won’t do that. You won’t have the desire to do that. It will be completely against your gut instincts.

When you bring Jesus into your world and your heart, and begin to behave like He would have, everything in your world will change. The Ten Commandments or Jesus’ two commandments will become moot points. There will be no need to tell you to not do things or to do things, you will be functioning as Jesus would and you will know just what to do no matter what the problems are that face you.

Jesus is our best guide for decision making. He is our best guide for navigating our way through life. Just for today, contemplate how Jesus would think when he needed to make decisions. Reread the Ten Commandments and rephrase them all so they are positive reinforcements in your life. Open your heart to love everyone you see, even those who make you feel angry and hurt inside. Stop and see them as little babies, full of promise and possibility. Then contemplate what could have made them become the way they are. Offer prayers to God for their benefit. Ask God to enter their hearts and change them. See them through positive loving eyes, as their mother would have the first time she laid eyes on them. Feel God’s love flowing through you and into them. Be a conduit of grace.

When only love flows through your heart, you will never make a wrong decision because you will always want the best for everyone and base your choices on that. Just as Jesus wanted the best for everyone so they could become as spiritual as possible and move gently to heaven at the ends of their lives, so will your life become more spiritual as you offer only love to your fellow living beings, no matter man or animal.

So just for today, give up the fear of making a mistake, and let Jesus show you the way to healthy, positive decisions. You will never regret it.

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Lenten Contemplations

Ash Wednesday

What Does Jesus Want For You

While sitting at church this evening in contemplation of Ash Wednesday, I found myself in conversation with the Holy Spirit. I asked Him what I should be thinking about during this time of Lent. He replied that I needed to think about Jesus and what the reason was for his sacrifice.

I replied that I believed the reason He gave His life in exchange for us was so we could be forgiven of all our sins, and thus spend our afterlife with Him in eternity.

“And so, “ He replied, “ what does Jesus want from you in return? What does He want you to do so that you can achieve that goal?”

While I sat in contemplation, He began to fill my mind with thoughts. This is basically what He said.

Jesus wants us all to become more spiritual. That is our ultimate goal. We live in a very materialistic world and culture, but our soul is eternal and completely spiritual. So how can we achieve a spiritual goal in a material world? By attaching a virtue to every action we perform.

If every time we do something, anything that involves work or activity in this physical realm, we were to contemplate it in a virtuous or moral way, we could change the way we do life. If every time we cleaned the house, we did it as an act of service to God in gratefulness for our home, we would maintain a spiritual mind-flow.

If we went to work and offered every work-related activity to God in service, gratitude and, commitment, with dignity and enthusiasm, we could change the way our work was done and received by both our employer and those who benefit from what we do.

If we raised our children with compassion, grateful to God for their existence in our lives and dedicated to serving them with love and honesty, just think of the kind of future we would be offering our world. As a parent teaching them kindness, determination, and resilience could only make them strong and loving.

Even riding a bicycle can be done in a virtuous way, with gratitude. We can offer a blessing to every living being whom we pass. We can pray for those we see on the way. We can pray for the environment we journey through. A simple act of exercise can become a spiritual event.

Jesus wants us to come home to Him. He wants us to become more and more spiritual so that we will find the hereafter a mere extension of the here and now.

Let Love be our guide during this cycle of sacrifice when we honour the gift of our Saviour by emulating His Divinity with virtuous behaviour on our own part.

Instead of thinking of Lent as giving up something, think of it as adding virtue to your life. A virtuous person doesn’t speak profanely. They honour their bodies with healthy food and healthy behaviour. Adjust your life in a positive way. Add Jesus to your mix. Walk His talk. Behave as He would. Lean into your spiritual soul and let it speak to you. Talk to the Holy Spirit everyday while you contemplate this Lenten season.

Let Jesus be your guide.

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Thoughts For Today, Tuesday August 9, 2016


Thoughts For Today, Tuesday, August 9, 2016

When praying my Rosary, the Sorrowful Mysteries, this morning, covering the journey of Jesus to the cross, I read Pope Francis’ lessons for each Mystery. His thoughts reminded me to not take things at face value but to look under the surface of what is happening and see the deeper meaning.


Death on a cross by the Son of God. Not a death, as we would see from a human perspective, but a gift of love to all of us. Jesus wasn’t just dying, as our perception tells us, but he was giving so much love to all of us that our hearts should practically burst from overload when we receive it. A thousand of the best Christmas presents could never reach the joy we should feel within when we contemplate His actions that Good Friday. And if we want to be like Him, then we have to let His love flow through us in the same way. Not by climbing on a cross and dying there, but when our burdens come, hanging in there with sturdy hearts and hopeful souls, knowing that whatever our destiny is, the Lord will be waiting when we finish our journey.


Love is God’s makeup. Love is God’s heart. Love is the tool of God and so if we want to be like Him and His Son, and his saintly sons and daughters, then we must wield His tool of Love daily without restriction.
Love and you shall be loved. Love and never be alone. Love and never despair. Give love and anger will never affect you. Be Love and your heart will always be at peace.
It is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
Peace be with you,



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