Lenten Contemplations: Day Sixteen


Day Sixteen

Share Your Life with the Divine

They asked us today to contemplate what we would say if we met Jesus; what would we ask Him? What would we talk to Him about? I wondered what most people would say.

If this is the first time you have ever contemplated this idea, you might want to examine your prayer life, for isn’t that what we do when we pray? Talk to Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, or God, our parent?

If you haven’t talked to Jesus in awhile, or maybe ever, then I invite you to start today. Perhaps, like some, you doubt His existence. I can guarantee He exists and existed in history. He isn’t a mythical person. The Romans were big on writing about everything and everyone and they wrote about Him. He was well known. And His death was recorded and His resurrection was witnessed by many, as was His ascension. Not just a few, many many people were there. So He isn’t a mythical creature. And His life isn’t made up to have some kind of hold on the population.  And He isn’t buried somewhere in the Far East.

But you’ll never know any of this until you start talking to Him. So, just try it and see what happens.

It’s easy to talk or pray to Jesus. Simply start talking, either out loud or in your head. It’s good to do it in a quiet place, so you can hear His response, a garden, a quiet room in your home, or maybe just go to church. Our church has a Perpetual Adoration Chapel which is open 24/7 for visitation with the Lord. It’s a nice meditative space where you can talk to God to your heart’s content, and, you don’t have to be Catholic to take advantage of it. Most Catholic Churches are open during the day, which is very handy if you want to stop in and pray or talk to God.

Jesus is available to everyone.

So if you’re not sure what to say to Jesus, it’s time to find out. Tell Him about your day, your blessings and your troubles, your fears and your dreams. And talk to His Father.

Remember, God’s greatest joy was to walk in the Garden of Eden, the beginning paradise of Earth, with Adam, first man, and Eve, first woman, and just chat about everything that was going on in their lives. When they screwed up and things went awry, I’m sure God has missed those conversations everyday. So its up to us, to fill in those gaps.

Don’t get hung up about the story; we started somewhere and someone created us.   The scenario makes sense. Don’t split hairs.  Every created being and creature is so incredibly beautiful and magnificent and intricate, that there is no way we are the result of an accident, an explosion.  If the explosion occurred, you can bet your bottom dollar there was intelligence behind that boom.

So, let’s think of it this way, for those of you who have children, how do you feel when the grown ones call or visit or text or email you? Doesn’t that make you feel loved? Needed? Wanted? And that’s how God feels when we talk to Him. Loved, wanted and needed.

And Jesus, well…just think of what He did for us. His gift keeps on giving. His gift was His life in exchange for our own. He traded His life  for our transgressions ( our sins aka our karma) to make us perfect so we can be with our Lord, who is always perfect.

Like water and oil don’t mix, the imperfect cannot be with the perfect. And so we must find some way to the Lord to achieve a heavenly hereafter. The gift of Jesus has given us that opportunity.  A shortcut.  It changed our water into wine, our imperfections into perfection, our transgressions into eternal life.

And so, when you talk to Him, thank Him for His gift. Let your prayers and conversations with Jesus start with your gratefulness.

Let God know how you feel about Him. Stop and have a chat. Let Him know what’s up. And then ask Him what you can do for Him. God gave you the gift of life, and Jesus gave us the second chance, so be the gift that gives back. Share your life with the Divine.


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