Lenten Contemplations: Day Fifteen

Day Fifteen

The Golden Thread

During RCIA talks this week, the topic of our individual importance came up. We referenced, “It’s a Wonderful Life!” with Jimmy Stewart and how every single person affects all the people around them in both positive and negative ways.

We are our parent’s children and our children’s parents. Without us, those two roles would not exist and all the benefits and trials of those relationships would never happen.

We are our friend’s friend, and they are ours. We are aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, and sometimes, orphans, raised without knowledge of any of those others, but nevertheless, affecting many, many individuals as we grow in our own life.

I’ve had dark nights of the soul where my view of my own life was reduced to the belief that I was totally valueless and unimportant. But in those moments of despair, I remembered my cat, Joshua, whom I had rescued off the street, a starving little lad of about eight months, who I realized would be homeless if I took my own life, and so I clutched him to my heart, and held on to my role as his mother, something certainly valuable in his eyes.

When my nephew became suicidal, lost in the chaos of his family’s issues, I begged him to just remember how much I loved him; that he was the son I never had, and to always remember how absolutely devastated I would be if he died. I had had numerous miscarriages and considered myself lucky and blessed to have him placed in my world.

Knowing that I was so attached to him, he settled down and we were able to come through—what could have been a tragic nightmare—with a positive ending.

We aren’t alone in this world, not physically and not spiritually. We are each intrinsically woven together in a tapestry of human interaction. We each offer a different hue to the weaving of our lives.

If one thread, one colour, is pulled out, the hole is instantly obvious and the fabric’s design is ruined.

I believe when God plans our lives, He starts with a beautiful picture as His goal, and then puts each of us into the loom of that creation, hoping we will make choices that get us to His dream.

As we journey along this Lenten road, do not despair when the obstacles in your way seem insurmountable. Do not view yourself as unworthy or unnecessary to others.

Let go of your despair and remember you are part of a greater picture; part of the lives of numerous individuals, both known and unknown, with whom you have crossed paths. The obstacles in your life simply change the shade of your threads, often making them even more beautiful and important to the finished product.

Pray to the Lord that He will enhance the colour of your life, so that you may brighten the lives of everyone you meet and thus improve the glory of His design.

Be the golden threads within the weave.


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