Lenten Contemplations: Day Thirteen

Lenten Contemplations: Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen

Turn Off The TV

I remember the old days, long before video games, social media, the computer, and colour television, and for that matter, before the TV shows were really even discernible. There were actually only two or three stations and the shows were regularly barely visible on our TV screen. And so, we only watched television once in a while.

Instead, we talked, played outside, wrote letters and physically mailed them, hand wrote our homework, played card or board games, played musical instruments, did stuff with our family and friends inside and outside, gardened, went for walks, did crafts, sewed our own clothes, listened to music on the HiFi, or just sat and contemplated life, doing absolutely nothing.

It was actually a way more peaceful life. Less stress. More got done.

Then the mechanical world took over, the world of the ‘future’, a world of computers, email, twitter, facebook, instagram, messaging, texting, cell phones, selfies, TV with hundreds of stations yelling at us from walls in our homes and walls on buildings, video-games, GMO-d food sprayed with every insect-killing, bee-killing (and probably human killing) substance known to man, and our days got more and more complicated and hectic and stressful.

I’ve decided this Lent, to give up some aspects of this modern world and go back in time. I’m going to write letters and mail them using the Post Office, start doing crafts again, re-learn to sew my own clothes, turn off the ‘idiot box’ (the TV as my mother termed it), just listen to music, or, just sit in silence, and try to find some peace. And write more, not just edit other people’s work.

For Lent this year, seek to give up the overwhelming oppression of the modern age, and return to simplicity in your life. It might be easier than you think.

Just close your eyes and remember your early years, or think about your parent’s or grandparent’s days. Then step back into the past.

Seek simplicity. Seek peace.

In peace, you will find the Voice of God. Let Him be your guide to a less stressful life.


About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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