Lenten Contemplations: Day Ten

Lenten Contemplations: Day Ten

Day Ten

The Greatest Gift


It seems that no matter how hard we try to avoid them, pain, sorrow and loss are part of life on Earth. It is the nature of the beast. We know, as believers, that if our hearts are pure, our heavenly hereafter will be one of bliss, joy, and contentment. So what do we do with the ‘in between’ time? What do we do while we wait?

When faced with one of the three miseries of life, you can choose to donate your affliction on behalf of others. Your pain, experienced, can be offered to God, as a sacrifice on behalf of another.

“Please take my pain, Lord, so that others may live without it.”

“Please accept my sorrow, Lord, so that others may live sorrow-free.”

“Please accept my loss, Lord, so that others may have bounty.”

While it might sound like bargaining, it’s not, it’s a generous, selfless offering of love, given from the heart for another. Don’t waste this kind of opportunity for giving. You needn’t sit in your misery, unconscious of its possibility. Release your anguish for the benefit of another. Remember the ‘greatest gift of all’, remember the sacrifice of the Lamb.

If you are forced into the footsteps of Jesus’s, remember the treasure He retrieved for us all.

Let Lent be your time of greatest giving.



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