Lenten Contemplations: Day Eleven

Lenten Contemplations: Day Eleven

Day Eleven

Give Up Your Past

The Friday evening Stations of the Cross have begun at our church. We celebrate the Mass first, and then different groups within the congregation follow one of our priests and join him in reciting different parts of the Stations. It is very moving.

There is a very mournful hymn sung during each movement of the congregants as they follow our Lord to His ultimate sacrifice.

I find it mesmerizing and horrifying all in one. I recall my own life, afterward, and I see nothing in comparison. But I know others would disagree, as I have dealt with different major trials which have changed me in character, mindset, and even appearance.

I guess that’s part of this, isn’t it, the change these events create in us. Will we gain or lose after such milestones?

When Jesus appeared to others after His resurrection, to some He was unrecognizable, even by folks whom He had known for a long time. He had changed. He had progressed to His true goal. He was transformed.

The question remains then, have your life events transformed you? Have they made you a better person? Have you progressed and grown through your challenges, or are you the ‘same old, same old’?

Let Jesus’ example guide you in your life. Do not give up when the obstacles seem overwhelming. Progress through them, knowing our Lord has paved the way with His examples of courage and strength.

Let His Light lead you through the darkness. Let your future be one of salvation. Be transformed by the hard knocks of your life. Don’t try to hang onto them and don’t dwell on them. Let your past be just that, your past.

Life is about moving forward in your journey, evolving and growing, and transforming, as you move along.

For Lent this year, give up your past.


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