What Does God Look Like in This Troubled World

What Does God Look Like in This Troubled World?

If you look outside your door, these days, you will see a version of the world which seems to resemble insanity. Any feelings of peace or calm seem to have slipped out the back door and we are stuck with what looks like a video game of horrors. What happened to the world? Where did the peace and love of our childhoods go?

Well, the answer is, it never was peaceful or loving outside, it was something you felt within your childhood realm that sprang from that which your parents created for you.

Now, if you were like me and the inside of the home wasn’t calm and as loving as you would have liked it, don’t snap shut your notebook just yet. This article is about what God looks like so you can find Him/Her, not about me somehow magically describing everyone’s childhood.

My childhood was frightening, but…there was also a huge difference between the feeling of being part of a household which was protected and being out there in the big bad world.

I was born in the early fifties and woke up in the sixties. Well, I woke up as much as any teenager or young adult ever does. I knew the difference between the world outside our door and the one inside. Outside could be a little scary. Not as much as today, mind you, but it certainly had its demons. Inside had its own set of demons but it also had something else, it had God. My mother talked about God and the spiritual world, as did my dad. I went to Sunday School and church and listened when the great aunts came and talked about Jesus. They were Christian Scientists and wow, did they ever talk about the Word of God and Jesus. I learned to embroider listening to Bible verses and stories about Jesus and the Power of His Healing.


So, when I grew up, I found that every time something scary happened, it was Jesus who I called on right off the bat. I sought out all kinds of other religions and tried them all. Studied some for years and years, but I found that when I pictured God in my mind, He always looked like what my parents had taught me, like Jesus or some variation on a very close theme.

I asked the Holy Spirit once, years ago, about what God looked like. And He said that everyone wants to see their own face looking back at them from above. That’s what will give them comfort and ease their pain. So I relaxed and for me, stopped trying to see God as another colour or shape or size or race, and just went with what I was used to Him (for me male) looking like.

There’s a lesson here for clergy. When you go off preaching to another race or culture, it’s important to remember what Ben (that’s what the Holy Spirit told me to call Him) said. “Everyone wants to see their own face looking back at them from above.” So you don’t tell a race of Africans that God is a white guy with blue eyes, even though that might be how He looks to you when He has actually come to you in dreams or visions. No. That’s not who they will see. They will see the version of God who their parents have taught them to see and who appears to them. Plus, God will look just like them.

There’s a story in the Bhagavad-gita, one of the most holy books of India which is sometimes referred to as the Hindu Bible. Arjuna, the warrior faced with a heckuva predicament, asks his pal, Krishna (aka God who is hanging out as his charioteer) what He (God) really looks like. At first Krishna says, “No, I don’t think you really want to see Me like that.” But Arjuna persists until Krishna aka God shows him. Arjuna almost passes out in fear because what he sees is this huge form with a million faces, all different colours and shapes and sizes. He’s scared to death and doesn’t know what to do. But He realizes God doesn’t just have one face. He has the face of everyone and everything in Creation. Because He has created all that there is. And so everything resembles Him.

When the Bible says we are made in His image, male and female, it’s talking about all of us, not just one race, all of us. (Animals too. But let’s talk about them at another time.) Not just one colour. All colours. And He presents Himself to every race and colour in a form they will understand according to what they grew up with, not what you grew up with.

So God looks like you! He’s both God and Goddess. He’s all colours and all cultures. He’s there for everyone. He is your face looking back at you from above. Because you are His perfect creation, and He loves you, not just your white, blue-eyed neighbour, who’s a guy.

God also gives off a feeling of peace. If you are seeking God and think maybe you’ve found Him/Her, stop and take note of how you feel when you are associating with ( aka praying to, talking to, having a vision of or dreaming about) who you think is God. If that Entity gives off fear and anger or says, “Hey, go kill your neighbour!” well you’ve got the wrong guy. You aren’t talking to God. God is Love and peace and God has the most amazing healing vibrations you will ever feel in your life when you are in His/Her energy; it’s like rocking in a hammock of Love and Peace. It’s unbelievable. So don’t get confused by Pretenders, only God will make you think you are in Heaven right then.

So, what does God Look like in a troubled world? Visually? Like you do. Spiritually? Like safety, and security and peace and kindness and comfort and love. All the positives of life.

I grew up with a touch of insanity in my home but when God was referred to, things immediately settled down. Now, I know people who grew up with God being taught as a tyrant. Guess what? That wasn’t God being described. That was insanity and demons. There’s a lot of that around these days. There has been since the dawn of time. There will always be. Such is the nature of the material world. Things will change when you get to Heaven.

So when you seek God, sit down and visualize whomever makes you feel loved and comforted and then talk to that Entity. Trust me, God will show up. Listen to Their words. Be the Peace and Love you want in your life. Be God’s Compassion. And you will find God so fast, your head will spin.


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