Lenten Contemplations: Day Seven


As the winds of change constantly blow across our land, we find ourselves hunkering down and hanging on to our familiar lives with almost desperation. Most of us want our lives to stay the same and make us feel grounded and solid and safe. But life is always changing. Life never stays exactly the same. It is a moving, evolving mystery.

When we cling to our life and do not allow ourselves to move forward with the evolution of the world and culture, we do ourselves an injustice. Growth only happens when change holds the lantern. Sometimes the change we see appears to be drastic and almost unbearable. Other times, we find ourselves welcoming it with open arms.

It is important that we become used to the idea of change and evolution as part of our daily life. If we stop and refuse to move forward, we may never achieve the goals and desires our Father wishes for us. We may succeed in missing half of our intended life and never succeed in utilizing all the gifts we have been given.

This Lent, practise giving up being stuck. Go through your life. Look at everything you have and everything you do. Examine these from all sides and viewpoints and try to release the things and behaviours which hold you in stillness. Give up the stop signs in front of your life. Replace them with contemplation signs and then open the Road and give yourself a green light. Move forward into a life and world of new possibilities. Be the butterfly, not the cocoon.


About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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