Lenten Contemplations Four

Day Four

Where was God in Your Life Today?

Where was God today in your life? Where did Jesus trickle in? Did you see His face in the mirror today? Did you see His face in your friend’s?

Did you open your heart enough to let him shine through? Were you so caught up in yourself that you missed the opportunity? Did He find a door to open into your world? Or was it barred and locked tightly?

Did you offer Him a home somewhere? Did you notice anywhere He was needed? Did you give Him a chance to speak through you today? Or were you sidetracked by life and lost in clutter?

What do you remember about today? Do you remember anyone who needed God to love them? Do you remember any opportunities to offer the heart of Jesus to another? Was there an animal who needed help or care? Where was Jesus in your life today?

Take the time to ponder your day. Go over minute by minute and contemplate the opportunities which might have been missed; opportunities which would have offered another being some help or love or kindness.

Take the time to contemplate tomorrow. Do you have your agenda set? Will you be going to God’s house? Will you open your heart and look for opportunities there? Or will you sit and just listen and keep it all to yourself?

We all have days when we wish we could just be left alone. Everyone does. But sometimes God needs us to be an angel to another. Sometimes God needs us to let Jesus shine through our hearts. So we must be diligent to keep our radar turned on and notice what is happening around us.

Don’t close your eyes to the needs of others. Notice everyone near you. Notice every living thing. Someone may be calling to you, out loud. Someone may be calling to you, in silence. It is up to you to notice.

Listen for their voice. Listen for the voice of God speaking to you in your heart. Listen for instruction. Listen to help.

Plan to let God into your life, tomorrow.


About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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