Lenten Contemplations Day Five

Day Five

Giving Up Sorrow

Life in all of its mystery sometimes overflows with more emotion than one can bear. If the television on your wall is alive and speaking to you everyday, you will eventually become overwhelmed with sorrow.

Sorrow can be such an exhausting emotion. Everyday something occurs to make us sad. It can be directly affecting us or simply indirectly causing us pain. We live in a world of constant bombardment. It’s like gunfire coming at us daily from our wall. There comes a point when it becomes completely overwhelming and needs to stop or we will be unable to function.

Jesus came to this earth to take away our sins and offer us something very powerful—eternal life in a heavenly home. There we will be able to see our friends and loved ones and reach beyond tomorrow. If we spend our days in sorrow here, whether for personal loss or despair of the world, we will be unable to achieve our spiritual goals here.

How can you nurture another if you are always filled with sorrow? How can you give love and happiness to another, if you are filled with despair and pain. To progress on your spiritual journey sorrow must be transformed into joy no matter what the cause. For joy fills the hungry heart and soothes the tortured soul. Joy will transform you into your healthy self.


About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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