Lenten Contemplations

Ash Wednesday

What Does Jesus Want For You

While sitting at church this evening in contemplation of Ash Wednesday, I found myself in conversation with the Holy Spirit. I asked Him what I should be thinking about during this time of Lent. He replied that I needed to think about Jesus and what the reason was for his sacrifice.

I replied that I believed the reason He gave His life in exchange for us was so we could be forgiven of all our sins, and thus spend our afterlife with Him in eternity.

“And so, “ He replied, “ what does Jesus want from you in return? What does He want you to do so that you can achieve that goal?”

While I sat in contemplation, He began to fill my mind with thoughts. This is basically what He said.

Jesus wants us all to become more spiritual. That is our ultimate goal. We live in a very materialistic world and culture, but our soul is eternal and completely spiritual. So how can we achieve a spiritual goal in a material world? By attaching a virtue to every action we perform.

If every time we do something, anything that involves work or activity in this physical realm, we were to contemplate it in a virtuous or moral way, we could change the way we do life. If every time we cleaned the house, we did it as an act of service to God in gratefulness for our home, we would maintain a spiritual mind-flow.

If we went to work and offered every work-related activity to God in service, gratitude and, commitment, with dignity and enthusiasm, we could change the way our work was done and received by both our employer and those who benefit from what we do.

If we raised our children with compassion, grateful to God for their existence in our lives and dedicated to serving them with love and honesty, just think of the kind of future we would be offering our world. As a parent teaching them kindness, determination, and resilience could only make them strong and loving.

Even riding a bicycle can be done in a virtuous way, with gratitude. We can offer a blessing to every living being whom we pass. We can pray for those we see on the way. We can pray for the environment we journey through. A simple act of exercise can become a spiritual event.

Jesus wants us to come home to Him. He wants us to become more and more spiritual so that we will find the hereafter a mere extension of the here and now.

Let Love be our guide during this cycle of sacrifice when we honour the gift of our Saviour by emulating His Divinity with virtuous behaviour on our own part.

Instead of thinking of Lent as giving up something, think of it as adding virtue to your life. A virtuous person doesn’t speak profanely. They honour their bodies with healthy food and healthy behaviour. Adjust your life in a positive way. Add Jesus to your mix. Walk His talk. Behave as He would. Lean into your spiritual soul and let it speak to you. Talk to the Holy Spirit everyday while you contemplate this Lenten season.

Let Jesus be your guide.


About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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