Lenten Contemplations #2

Day 2


Doing the Right Thing

How do we know what is right, these days? We live in a so-called modern world where everything moves so quickly. We are expected to make rapid-fire decisions concerning our lives and the lives of our families, often with little or no preparation. How do we know what is right, when the pressure is on?

The Ten Commandments may be old but they are just as applicable today as they were a few thousand years ago. They outline a list of so-called wrongs. Don’t do this, don’t do that. Don’t kill. Don’t covet. Don’t steal. Don’t commit adultery. They also include some positive things. Take care of your parents. And take a day of rest. There is no need to work 24/7. Everyone needs time off to contemplate spiritual and meaningful things. Time to rebalance and reconnect with the things which are important in our lives. Time to go to Church and tell God how much you love Him and are grateful to Him for creating Us.

Jesus broke it down into even smaller segments. Love God with your whole being and love your neighbour as yourself. So just like yesterday, we see in Jesus’ words positive approaches to life.

If you are loving your neighbour, treating him and his family with kindness and compassion, you won’t want to steal his stuff or seduce his wife or try to kill him or anyone in his family. You won’t do that. You won’t have the desire to do that. It will be completely against your gut instincts.

When you bring Jesus into your world and your heart, and begin to behave like He would have, everything in your world will change. The Ten Commandments or Jesus’ two commandments will become moot points. There will be no need to tell you to not do things or to do things, you will be functioning as Jesus would and you will know just what to do no matter what the problems are that face you.

Jesus is our best guide for decision making. He is our best guide for navigating our way through life. Just for today, contemplate how Jesus would think when he needed to make decisions. Reread the Ten Commandments and rephrase them all so they are positive reinforcements in your life. Open your heart to love everyone you see, even those who make you feel angry and hurt inside. Stop and see them as little babies, full of promise and possibility. Then contemplate what could have made them become the way they are. Offer prayers to God for their benefit. Ask God to enter their hearts and change them. See them through positive loving eyes, as their mother would have the first time she laid eyes on them. Feel God’s love flowing through you and into them. Be a conduit of grace.

When only love flows through your heart, you will never make a wrong decision because you will always want the best for everyone and base your choices on that. Just as Jesus wanted the best for everyone so they could become as spiritual as possible and move gently to heaven at the ends of their lives, so will your life become more spiritual as you offer only love to your fellow living beings, no matter man or animal.

So just for today, give up the fear of making a mistake, and let Jesus show you the way to healthy, positive decisions. You will never regret it.


About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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