Proverbs For A New Day: Thirty-one to Forty


Proverbs For A New Day is a collection of channelings from the Holy Spirit. Their purpose is to help modern man refocus his spiritual life on a daily basis.

XXXI: Search your heart and mind for the truth. Your salvation is in your finding. Virtue of the heart brings salvation for the soul and healing for the body. Be of good virtue and be in great peace.

XXXII: The days of earth seem long and tiresome, but they are but a drop in the waters of time. For when the sun descends upon this life, its eternal spiritual counterpart, our God in Heaven, opens the dawn upon a new and everlasting day where night lives no more.

XXXIII: Time is but a fragment of true life and true being. Seek not to master time, seek to master truth. Link your heart to the Almighty and lean upon His eternal force. the force of life which never dies.

XXXIV: And the truth shall set you free from darkness and strife, from consternation and concern. The Lord is eternal life. The Lord is your eternal sunlight. Open your heart to the dawn of God’s Love.

XXXV: There pours a gentle sound from God, a gentle melody of peace trickling from the Heavens above and linking to the heart of Man. Seek to hear and feel God’s melody in the breezes, in the scent of roses, in the sound of the Song Sparrow. Link your heart to God’s melody of life.

XXXVI: Healing of the heart thrusts off the hands of darkness and restores the savaged soul to peace. In peace there is health, wholeness and redemption. Peace is God. God is Peace.

XXXVII: Fear not the ways of men, for they are troubled and tormented. Reach out and touch the ways of God, for His road is sturdy and His foundations strong.

XXXVIII: You are the child of the Living God. God knows exactly who you are, exactly what you need, and exactly what you fear. Cast all your fears onto the Lord. Let Him meet you needs. Let Him be your Saviour.

XXXIX: For the Lord is good. The Lord is kind and full of great love for all His children. Do not despair your worthiness, for you are as gold in value to God. You are as a diamond of a million facets—beautiful and gifted. Let your gifts shine like jewels. Reflect the Lord through your gifts.

XL: I am the Lord’s most perfect creation and I am deeply loved by God. The Lord is my song, my joy, my very breath. Let the love of God flow through you as a melody on the breeze. Let the breath of life flow through you as when given on the first day of all Creation. Remember the newness of opportunity with every beat of your heart.



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