Proverbs For A New Day: Forty-One to Fifty


Proverbs For A New Day is a collection of channelings from the Holy Spirit. Their purpose is to help modern man refocus his spiritual life on a daily basis.

XLI: You shall know the Lord by His gentle touch upon your heart. You shall know Him by His compassion. And will you be His child? Will you, too, demonstrate the Power of Love by channeling His Grace? Be the Instrument of God everyday. Walk His Love.

XLII: Let the Heart of the Almighty shine through you. Let His Light guide your way. Do not despair in times of trouble. Retreat to a place of quiet and consult with God. Hold your ear to His instructions. Let His Truths be as a Lighthouse to your ship.

XLIII: Be not vain of Man’s solutions in times of trouble, but consult with the Lord. God has many methods and many pathways to His Blessing. Stay the course. Listen and obey.

XLIV: The transformation of a heart can come as slowly as a turtle’s journey, or a quickly as a slicing blade. Listen to the Master. Align yourself with God’s Word and it shall be as if tomorrow is today.

XLV: How much are you loved by God? More than all the stars in the heavens. More than all the drops of water in all the oceans of the world. God loves you as His only child. He loves you as strong as love can be. For you are His tomorrow. You are His forever friend. Do not let Him down. Stand up and be worthy of that Love.

XLVI: If ever the darkness shall blow through you, like a cold and bitter wind, be strong. It is essential you command it to leave you. For hesitation may bring a myriad of troubles, both unwanted and unkind. Take control of the dark wind and send it on its way.

XLVII: You who feel love as natural as the sunlight of midday, strive to keep it moving. Share it always. Do not hold love nor hide it. Release its power and light to the world. Be a beacon for all those with whom you interact everyday of your life. Be a light in the darkness of their day.

XLVIII: So far as the mountains are high, so far as the sun is from the earth—so far is the Blessing of God from those who choose the path of darkness. Do not curse, neither man nor beast. Do not judge, for unless you were born as the Lord, perfection will be a sought after dream. Simply allow, and try, and give love in all things, even to the end.

XLIX: The Lord is your salvation. Remember the Lord. The Lord is your strength. Remember to thank the Lord. God is your only right hand when a hand is needed. Lean into the voice of God in your heart. Seek His counsel. Learn His ways. Give Him back the love He so easily gives to you.

L: And when your life is over, and your days counted and done, the Love you have shown to each other and given to the Lord, will be as golden treasure. For the Lord’s heart opens with a finger touch of remembrance, and showers abundance upon those who heed His Words.




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Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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