Proverbs For a New Day: One to Ten


Proverbs For A New Day is a collection of channelings from the Holy Spirit. Their purpose is to help modern man refocus his spiritual life on a daily basis.

I: Letting the voice of man dominate the airwaves can bring only strife to troubled minds. For unless a man sees God in his mirror everyday, he is not qualified to speak the truth. For the truth is buried deeply in the heart of those who believe not, but is alive and well in the heart of those who love God.

II: Let not your heart be troubled. For a man’s mind is tossed about on a sea of despair on any given day, but the boat of God is a ship of stability, strong and stable upon the water. Let not the storms of the dark one sink your ship. Patch the holes with the Word of God and let the Glory of the Heavens be your Sea.

III: You are rudderless without God. You are as a piece of driftwood, pulled and pushed in tides and eddies, when you float alone on the waters of earth. God alone will guide you. God alone has the answers that turn, straighten and guide you toward stability. Open yourself to the righteousness of God and steer a straight course.

IV:  Though the days be short, memories can cause the days to darken and feel like there is no sun at all in the sky. Cast off the darkness of regrets and transgressions. Let your heart be freed by the presence of the Lord. Stand together with He who is eternal and forever, ever-abiding, ever strong in truth and love.

V: I am your rock. I am your salvation. Be not afraid of the turmoils of the day. Be not afraid of the obstacles that present themselves. For to the Lord, they are as dust in a sunbeam, insignificant and minute. Not worthy of concern. Yoke yourself to the Most High God, who shall always be your strength.

VI: Redeem thyself with good works from the heart. For out of your heart, goodness is given and received. Out of the purity of the heart you share the benefits of God. God gives in love. God redeems in love.

VII: The wise man recalls transgression with a humble heart. Humility is imperative to the cleansing of the heart. Without the humility of heartfelt regret, the fallen cannot be redeemed.

VIII: A single simple moment of regret, coupled with repentance—the desire to never repeat the transgression—can bring a soul quickly back into Love’s enfoldment.

IX: If your heart is pure, it will not condemn you. If your heart is shadowed with darkness, speak aloud your repentance. Cast off the ways of darkness and step back securely into the love of God.

X: God is Love. God is purity. God is life itself. To live your life purely and filled with Love, both the giving and the receiving, release fear of failure. Reach for the hand of God and know that you will never be alone again.



About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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